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    We are thrilled to host you and your family in Atlanta, GA! For the past several years, this event has given us the opportunity to meet you, have invaluable conversations, and get to know you in a more personal setting.

We have served your pharmaceutical needs for 175 years. However, we are not just a company that delivers pharmaceuticals; we are a company that consistently puts you, the customer, first. For us at Morris & Dickson, our relationship with you is not only the cornerstone of our business, but also our day to day motivation.

Technology is, and always has been, a real strength of Morris & Dickson. It enables us to be a low-cost producer in a market where being a low-cost producer is extremely important. The focus of our energies on technology has also allowed us to offer a service level to our customers that exceeds that of our competition.

We pledge to continue to earn your trust in the years to come - we do not take your business for granted!

Come join us at this year's show so we can shake your hand and know your smile. Looking forward to seeing you there!
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